Thursday, February 14, 2013

The little things...

I just love how God shows HIS love to us,
even in the little things!

This past Thanksgiving we had a full table -
a kitchen table that seated 6 -
with 10 around it,
and mom standing by the dishwasher 
eating Thanksgiving dinner.

Soon after Thanksgiving I told a friend,
"a new vehicle can wait -
we need a kitchen table that can seat our 
entire family."
A few weeks later -
guess what God provided!

Oh yes!
A table that seats 10!
(yes, in a few days we will have 11 around the table-
but with 3 teens there is usually at least one missing.)
6 chairs,
one long bench!
It fit in our little kitchen
And all for $140! 
Thank you Jesus!
We have already had great meal times, homework times,
play-doh times...
and made new friends too! 

And then a few little ones 
(well, three out of the four)
were complaining that they had outgrown their bikes -
and well, we couldn't argue with them,
they truly had! 

Thinking we would have to break down and 
spend the money on bikes -
one neighbor girl had gotten a new bike for Christmas
and brought her old bike over for Jailyn!
Perfect fit! 
and then, 
a week later ...
Donovan and Elijah were out riding  their little bikes,
 Conner went out to check on them and
 asked where they had gotten the new bikes.
Me: "Ummmm - they don't have new bikes" 
Conner:  "ummmm - yes, they do."

Another neighbor gave the boys 2 of their old bikes!

Needless to say our kids are beyond excited!
and mom and dad -
we are very, very thankful!

Thank you friends!
and thank you Jesus for filling not only our needs -
but our wants too!


Kathy said...

God is so good to us!

Kathy said...

We have such a loving Father in heaven!
He is so good to us!

Sharon said...

What blessings!


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