Monday, February 4, 2013

Preparing the heart...

We are so excited to be soooo close to traveling!
Everyone in the family is anxious to 
have Hagan and Griggs home!

Though we do have a few kids 
who are trying to make sense of momma being gone.

I already have some special treats lined up to 
leave for them. 
Countdown chains,
daily little gifts,
Hershey Kisses "Two kisses" for each day...

Do any of y'all been there done that momma's
have any other ideas of how 
I can make this time away from my family 
easier on them?

Thank you so much for your help!

And then there is this big pup-
you're gonna have to give up your Hagan's bed!

And thank you to y'all who joined and played
The Fund Bowl -
$208 was raised!
Thank you!


Yvette said...

We set up facetime on every device we could find LOL! The biggest was giving Brahm an old iPhone turned iPod so he had the ability to call me anytime HE needed. He actually never did, and that childs wails of despair when I left still break my heart BUT he was fine. I did get them each a scentsy smelly bear because I knew bedtime would be hard, AND although we didn't give them small gifts, I had a secret stash of new things to do ie crafts, play together toys (like legos, or manipulatives).

Liz said...

it's hard being gone but we skyped ALOT and it helped. Plus when we got off the plane with JD he already "knew" everyone so was happy to see them and wasn't scared or shy at all.

Sharon said...

I have heard some other families say that they recorded themselves reading a bedtime story.
We have left our kids little treasure hunts with small treats around the house.
One of the things our bigger kids liked was that I made a binder with our schedule-one page for each day. I described what we would do that day, sometimes included a map, our flight schedule, etc. and things that they could pray about for that day.
So excited for you!!!


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