Thursday, February 21, 2013

evening prayers...

there are just some evening prayers 
that I have to write down  -
I just don't want to forget.

I prayed and then Jailyn said,
"and p.s. 
please help my mom and dad get to Griggsy 
and Hagan quickly and safely and bring them home
We need our family together."

and Donovan said,
"and p.s. and please help my momma and dad 
hold my new brothers and keep them safe,
and take pictures of my brothers 
cute, smiling faces."

and Elijah burst out...
"and me p.s. 
thank you for food.
Thank you for food for Hagan and Griggs."

Jorja piped in with her 
Heavenly Father, 
please bring my brothers home safely,
and that they will be healthy 
and ready to play with us.
And that we will be good examples for them -
so that they can learn that families love,
and use our words
and don't fight."

How blessed am I?!!!!


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