Sunday, February 24, 2013

and we made it...

We logged in over 29 hours of airport/plane time - 
either checking in, hanging out or sitting 
for hours...
now I'm sitting with my feet up 
cause my ankles are so swollen from air travel -
they remind me of my swollen feet when I was
9 months pregnant with Kenzie! 
See weight gain and water retention happens with adoption too. (tee!hee!)

Our flights were pretty uneventful, thankfully!
For a while in Dallas we thought we might have to 
switch planes do to maintenance issues -
a drawer in cabin had a screw loose. 
Thankfully 1.5 later - we were off and in the air!

After sitting next to a young lady for 19 hours 
we finally talked a bit and found out that she
owns a restaurant in our home town! 
New friend!

Now we are listening to fireworks that have been going off for 30 minutes -
and are still going strong... 
not sure what the party is about - 
maybe all of Zhengzhou is as excited as we are that we will be holding our boys 
at 10:30am tomorrow morning.
(8:30pm Sunday evening - for y'all back home)
Let's get this party started!!!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! One step closer! I am guessing that the fireworks have something to do with the continued Chinese New year celebrations. ..they seem to keep partying forever!

Dardi said...

So excited for you! Glad your travels were fairly uneventful (& girl, I hear you about the swollen ankles!) Can't wait to see your next post!!! :o)

Amy said...

Yay, yay, yay!!! That will be 6:30 my time. I will be watching the clock! So very excited for you!!

Sherri said...

I chuckled at Anonymous's comment about parting forever!

I'm so happy that you have finally touched down in China...wooo hoooo so very excited. WOW you get the boys tonight our time 8:30, double wow!

I will be checking then for updates before I go to bed, I hope you have posted by then. I'm so happy for you!

God Bless Sherri

connie said...

oh my goodness, i can't believe you get the boys tonight!!! only about 6 hours from now - but you're not counting :) i can't wait to see them in mama and daddy's arms!
love you, sister!


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