Tuesday, February 12, 2013

look in their eyes...

I just received word on some international adoption agency closures.

This breaks my heart! 

I am sad for these employees who find themselves out of work,
but even more my heart breaks because of the children
that could have found homes through these agencies.

The adoption rate is falling.
See the stats here:
  • 2004: 22,990 children adopted
  • 2005: 22,734 children adopted
  • 2006: 20,680 children adopted
  • 2007: 19,609 children adopted
  • 2008: 17,475 children adopted
  • 2009: 12,753 children adopted
  • 2010: 11,059 children adopted 
  • 2011:  9,320 children adopted

Since we adopted Jailyn in 2007 -
international adoption has dropped more then 50%!

Is it because there are fewer agencies to work with?
Is it because there are fewer children?
ummm - N.O.T.!


Because adoption is expensive.
I can't tell you how many times this past week people told me 
that they would adopt but it's too expensive.
Seriously people -
have you not watched my thermometer on the side of my blog
this past year. 
We began with nothing - and look what God has done!

The paperwork is insane!
Yes, the paperwork is hard and long.
But, really, I dare you to go hold an orphan,
learn his/her name,
see the scars on their bodies,
see the indentation of their skull from laying in a crib for years,
look in their longing eyes and say,
"Sorry - the paperwork is just too hard."

I couldn't do that.
Really?  How do you know you couldn't do it?
I never thought I would be a momma of 9 kids!
And some days I still don't think I can do it - 
but then there are the other moments,
and days that make life beautiful -
and make my heart sing! 
And I wouldn't trade where God has me for anything!

Adoption is not finding the perfect child for your family -
it's being the perfect family for a child!

I cry out to y'all,
especially if you are follower of Christ,
(because if you call yourself a follower of Christ 
then God has called you to care for
the orphan!)
ask God -
where do you want me?
Take a leap of faith -
HE will not let you fall. 
HE will guide and protect you.
HE will never fail you!

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Sherri said...

Heart breaking post!


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