Sunday, January 27, 2013

one busy day! Part I - Jailyn

Yesterday was one crazy day,
well, really the last two days were. 
Part I -
will be about Jailyn.
(such big happenings that each kiddo needs their 
own blog post!)

Jailyn and I were up bright and early 
for her first gymnastics meet! 

Wow! What a new experience! 
The venue was huge!

But Jailyn in her normal "Jailyn" way,
went bee-bopping, in-charge and ready to go!

She did great on the bars!
(better then she has ever done) 

and great on the floor!

The beam gave her some trouble 
(didn't get video of that) 

and the vault,
we'll add this to the blooper reel! :)

1st pass

2nd pass

But Jailyn in her "Jailyn" way -
bee-booped to her team high fiving them all the way! 

I'm so proud of my little gymnast!

She is learning so much 
and teaching me how to 
love every moment
of life!

(Our team took 1st place in Large Team All around!
No individual awards -
metals for all!) 
Way to go girls!!

Ohhh, and on friday she was awarded Blue Ribbon Colt
from her beautiful teacher!

Thank you for the photo Shelly
(another time where I wish I could be two or three places at the same time.)

All in all  -
a great weekend for Jailyn!


Sherri said...

Way to go sweet girl! Love those smiles.

Jay said...

Lookin' good, Jailyn! Great job. Thanks for sharing the videos, Jodi Sue.

Yvette said...

Yeah Jailyn awesome job!

Amy said...

How fun! She is such a joy!


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