Sunday, January 6, 2013

B90X Bible Reading Week #2

What was your favorite part of your reading last week?
There is so much in these two beginning books -
but what stood out to me was
that God puts up with a LOT from me!

A lot of disobedience,
a lot of doubt,
a lot of grumbling!

But HE is always faithful!
I owe HIM so much more then I give HIM.

January 7 - January 13

Monday, Exodus 29:1-Exodus 40:38
Tuesday, Leviticus 1:1-Leviticus 14:32
Wednesday, Leviticus 14:33-Leviticus 26:26
Thursday, Leviticus 26:27- Numbers 8:14
Friday, Numbers 8:15- Numbers 21:7
Saturday, Numbers 21:8-Numbers 32:19
Sunday, Numbers 32:20-Deuteronomy 7:26

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