Saturday, December 8, 2012

over half

Have you noticed our little fundraising thermometer?
(the one to the side bar)

It's over half way to our goal! 

Praise God!!!!

We are weeks away from travel and 
still need 2,000 friends 
who would be willing to donate $10 
to our fund -

and guess what,
I'm not worried!

Cause I know God will provide for us!
Not sure how or when but 
I know that
HE loves the orphan.
I know that HE loves family.
and I know that HE will bring my babies home!

Praise God!!


Yvette said...

Can you do a favor and move your paypal button down so it's right next to (above) the thermometer. I have looked several times and jsut now found it!

Yvette said...

And I am retarded LOL! I donated for each of the kids forgettng one! Blessings my friend can't wait to see these new littles!


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