Tuesday, December 11, 2012

only if...

If only we could bring 3 kiddos home 
this trip -
this is who I would bring home with our boys!

Ohhhh! My!!!!

Isn't she just sooooo adorable! 

and I've seen her file...

She is 5 years old,
she has dwarfism
she is beautiful!

Some one please bring this sweet girl home!

Logan at
would love to talk to you about sweet Ramona

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Becky Ryder said...

I was going to look at her file too but we are pursuing a child with dwarfism in US. I just started following your blog;) We recently adopted our son who's 7 and was diagnosed with SED dwarfism. He's from Peru. Looking forward to seeing your blog posts and seeing you get your boys!


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