Thursday, November 15, 2012

we made it through...

the dreaded assignment...

The first grade timeline.

It's a great project - 
but it can be hard for our little ones 
who have so many questions of their past.

Both Jailyn and Donovan chose to 
being their timeline with a photo of 
themselves in the arms of Dad and Mom.

We know, and discussed, that their stories don't 
begin when we met them.
There is so much more to their stories -
neither of them felt comfortable sharing that part of 
themselves with their classmates -
which is also fine. 

They both went to school proud of their posters!
And ready to share! 

And though, we know these projects are going to be hard -
it is soooooo good -
so good to talk 
and comfort our precious treasures through! 

We are thankful for this dreaded assignment! 

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