Monday, November 12, 2012

God did it again!

Our craft fair this weekend had it's ups and downs -
it's stress and laughter -
it's slow traffic to high traffic times

But all in all -

God was in total control!

And he raised over $3000 for our boys!

Thank you to everyone who was a part of this event,
you who were vendors, 
you who brought tables and chairs for our vendors,
you who helped set-up,
you who helped organized the entire event, 
you who babysat my kids,
you who baked for the bake sale,
 you who spent the entire day with us,
you who left donations specifically for our boys,
you who helped clean up,
you who shopped,
and you who prayed!

To God be the glory!

1 comment:

connie said...

Jodi, that is fantastic!!! Praise the Lord for His goodness and provision!


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