Friday, October 12, 2012

Only God!

Please pray for our friends

My dear friends in Colorado,
whom we'd met in Ethiopia over a year ago,

their home... leveled!
Probably from a gas leak.

The news reports said that mom and four kids were taken to the 
hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

But, I know there is a daddy and another son who lives at home -
where are they? 
There is no mention of them.

My heart stopped! 
I haven't felt this paralyzed since the shooting at Columbine HS,
waiting, watching the news to see my niece walk out of 
that school. 

Praise God for watching over my niece then and this precious family today!
Big brother wasn't home this morning, 
neither was dad, he was at work.
Mom was upstairs with the 4 younger kiddos.
After the explosion,
they climbed through rubble to get out of the house. 

Thank God they were upstairs! 
Thank God older brother wasn't home in his basement room.
Thank God dad was at work.
Thank God neighbors came to help!

Thank you Lord for keeping watch over this precious family this morning!

I haven't been able to speak with my friends but 
have spoken to a friend who went to the hospital to see them. 
The family is doing as well,
grateful to be together! 

Please pray for this beautiful family!

I'm sure we will finding ways that we can help in the near future -
and I will let you know as soon as I know. 

Thank you for your prayers!


Kathy said...

Oh My Word!
Praying for them and thanking the Lord for His protection over them.

Kim K. said...

My heart is in my stomach. Prayers flowing from West MI.


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