Tuesday, October 9, 2012

"Best Day Ever"

Jailyn doesn't qualify every day as 
"The Best Day Ever"
but her "best day ever's" 
seem to have a running theme! 

It's when the family is all together!

And Monday was a great family day,
well, almost - Brady had to work.

Pumpkin Patch day! 
Our friend told us about a great patch,
 about 30 minutes away that was only 
$5 a car! 
the patches that are closer to us are $8 and $15 per person!
That's a lot times 8! 

As we got ready to go -
Daddy just couldn't resist! 
He took a vacation day! 

We were so thankful! 
So here's a few photos of out of 258!

 Best Daddy ever! 
He even holds on to his little girls hat when she's on the bounce house!

 I love my cuddle bug! 
Thankfully he's cuddly, since he often needs to be wrangled.
With so many photos I think it will take all week to share with y'all. 
I'll spare you all of them - 
but there are some cute ones. 
So, I'll have to break them up per kiddo! 

I just have to share these with y'all today. 
Cause our little boy just breaks my heart.
He is still struggling with trusting us as his family,
will we always be there for him,
or will we fail him too. 

So, the few times that he gets an "owie"

and comes to momma with the problem,

I am so thankful that some itching from the hay,
 made him want to come to momma to make it all better! 

No child should have to comfort himself.
Every child deserves to be loved by a momma and daddy.

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