Monday, September 24, 2012

When the past creeps into present

My sweet Donovan made a super duper school friend last year...

This school year, his buddy, goes to a different school.

Donovan had a rough, emotional day - 
as we chatted about his behavior, 
trying to get to the root of the problem -

he kept asking to play with Tate.

I finally realized what is going on in my sweet boys head! 

He lived in an orphanage where his friends were -
they were brothers,
they ate together, 
schooled together,
played together,
slept together...

but each "brother" left with their new parents.

Donovan was left waiting,
wondering where his friends went.
Will he ever see them again?
Are their new parents taking good care of them?

And, now my poor, sweet boy is wondering the same 
about his buddy!  

I think it is way past due to have a play date 
with Tate! 

Just when I think my little boy is doing so well,
his past creeps up and messes with him. 


Yvette said...

Hugs, it is so hard!

Cari said...

that's so sad, but at the same time a great opportunity for that play date so your little guy can learn that his friend is still here and not gone forever as his little mind fears. healing is a continual process. how great that God gave you this insight, Jodi!


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