Friday, September 21, 2012

Just Elijah and me...

Having Elijah home by himself in the mornings is 
so special!! 

I love this time!!! 

We read books,


and today we played play-doh!

We LOVE play-doh!!

We also had a special cooking time,
thanks to Gayly!

We can't wait to for the rest of the gang to get home
from school so we can share! 

I'm thinking play-doh was not a good thing to play first -
as he seemed to still be 

play-doh mode! 

Oh well - it's all good! 


Shonni said...

Ohhh, how fun and cute! Yea, it’s just an egg and he’s adorable playing with it.

quilt'n-mama said...

Yeah! Glad the molds got there. The kids and I have been gone a few days so I am catching up.
Looks like you are having fun mornings together.


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