Sunday, August 12, 2012

Painting was SOOOOOO fun!

Our evening out for a Girls Night Out
was successful
in sooo many ways!!!

I'm don't even know how to write this post! 

The evening was blessed from the very beginning!

Early in the week, the owner of the store,
Painting with a Twist,
and I were chatting and figuring out our 
plan for Friday night -
at that time -
there were only 10 people signed up.

I admit, I was very disappointed.
Even a bit depressed.
Are people getting tired of me talking about
the orphan,
and talking about my sons? 

After a long time spent in quietness with my Lord,
HE reminded me that HE will bring who HE wants 
to bring and I need to stay out of it!

I did my part -
booked the evening, 
invited people,
HE wanted me to relax and enjoy the evening and 
give up control to HIM!

When I finally humbled myself to do this -
I had a much better week! 
I praised HIM for this opportunity and the 10 people who would hear 
about our boys and the other 147 million orphans world wide!

When Kenzie and I arrived at the store to set up some 
refreshments and such -
the owner, Kimberly, said, 
"You are up to 27 registered guests!"

Kenzie and I were shocked!
"Ummmm, I don't think we have enough refreshments!"
a great problem to have, eh?

We had a wonderful evening with friends, 
and meeting new friends who "innocently" came just to paint.

We painted...

chatted and laughed,

and got serious about our painting!

and we sang!!!
(gotta sing to the 80's when your painting,
right Amy and April!!)

At the end of the evening,
 Kimberly took photos of the group with our final products! 

How fun!

and the amount of fund raised through the guests registration...

And... even more exciting was when we got home -
and went through some donations that some of our guests had 
shared with us. 

The total that God raised for our boys on Friday evening was 


Growing me to depend on HIM and 
still supplying our needs!

Thank you to all you friends who said, "yes"
and came to support us!


Kim K. said...

Wow! What a successful night, Jodi. Continued blessings.

Yvette said...

Holy cow that is truly amazing!!

Sharon said...

That is unbelievable! Blessings!


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