Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cuteness overload!

We received some very unexpected news yesterday
about our boys!

and some sweet, sweet photos!

News that only God can orchestrate!

Though we knew Hagan and Griggs were in the same orphanage -
we never imagined that they would
be able to spend a whole lot of time together,
if any,
 - just how it is all set up.

But, God in HIS awesome, caring way -

He has placed them in the same foster home!

They are getting to know each other as brothers!
What a blessing!

Brothers from here on out!
Thank you Jesus!

Hagan is taking the role of big brother 

Hang on Griggs!

Ohhh be still my heart!!!!


Jennifer said...

How amazing that they're together already! They couldn't be any cuter. Looks like they're already having tons of fun together! Good times ahead!! :)

Jennifer P said...

Both of them? Together? In one picture? That's fantastical. Thank you, China.

Jill said...

Truly just amazing! What a blessing to have them together and the pictures are too cute!

Jay said...

That is amazing! So exciting to see God at work in that way.

Shonni said...

Oh my goodness! That is some serious cuteness!
I am so glad that they are together!!! Praise the LORD sweet friend. Soon you will be loving on those little darlings!

Jen said...

That IS only something that God could orchestrate. Wonderful to see them together. Sweet pictures to cherish until you can hold them in your arms! Thank you for sharing!

Kathy said...

It is SO awesome to see them together!
They are so stinking cute!! Only God!!!

Kim said...

Ok, I can't stand it!!!!! They are SOOOOOOO precious!!!! - and together!!! What an amazing blessing!! Wow.

connie said...

Oh, be still my heart is right!!! So much adorableness in one shot! and that they are together now is completely GOD! Oh, Father, bring them HOME quickly, and thank You for loving them and their mama and daddy in such an amazing way!!!

quilt'n-mama said...

Oh my goodness, these made me cry this morning. I needed so happy tears!
What an amazing blessing your little guys have received (you too:)


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