Sunday, July 8, 2012

More about our new little guy!

Our newest little guy is 4 years old.
2 months younger then Elijah!


We'll have 2 sets of virtual twins!
I always wanted twins! 

Now I have 2 sets! 

Since we were approved for sweet Griggs,
we have been thinking, praying, wrestling 
with God if we are to bring home 
another kiddo.
And if HE had another child for us -
would this child have dwarfism'?

We finally asked our social worker to approve us for 
just in case! 

Well, you know - that is just opening a can of worms. 

So, then came more prayers and more wrestling.

More excuses,

more doubts,

more searching,

more time on our knees!

More answers from God!

We asked our agency to look for a boy or girl
with dwarfism, or mild CP.

I really thought they would find a girl with 
mild CP.

But nope,
That's not what God planned!

Our friend in China found our sweet boy,
in the same orphanage as Griggs!

Cause God knew my fears, requests, doubts
and HE is taking care of EVERYTHING!

Friday morning, before we received the official PA 
(Permission to Adopt letter)
from China -
we received some new photos of 
our sweet little man.

Since we don't have a name for him yet -
we think 
"Mr. Personality"
 fits him just perfectly! 

What do you think?
We are looking for an name beginning with 
"F" or "H".
I like Scott for a middle name -
all three of my brothers middle names are Scott -
so I think that would be cool. 

How I'm understanding their orphanage is set up- 
I don't believe they know each other -
but soon they will be brothers forever!

Can't wait to get these two sweet boys home -
where they belong! 

(Just a reminder  -
because people have been asking -
Griggs will be 2 in August)

We are still hoping to travel to our sons 
January/February time frame!


Heather BT said...

Hmm, How about Heath!
Hank, Henry
Phil (Ok, it's a P but still...)

Charisa said...

Oh, Jodi! I can't wait to show Bekah!! Congrats my friend!! He is beautiful!!

Naomi said...

Hudson Scott

Came to my mind as soon as I read your blog!

Susan Davis said...

Yay! Another sweet baby! Congratulations!

I love the name Hudson, Naomi!

My 4-year-old little boy is looking over my shoulder and just suggested the names Phineus and Ferb. Can you guess what his favorite show is right now? =)

Jennifer said...

I'm so excited for y'all and the newest additions to the family! They are both precious!!! Molly turns 2 in aug too! Didn't realize they were so close! ...definitely have to get out playgroup going!:)

Yvette said...

Oh I LOVE the new pics - We loved Howie and if it hadn't put all 4 of ours within 23 months and this momma in the looney bin I would have brought him home in a sec, now I so see God's plan in this!! He is SOOO Mr' Personality - and will the biggest issue will be who will share his spotlight.

Ok I thought of the perfect name on the way home from Elim - Hudson - i so wanted this for Griffin and hubby said no - and you know the issues we have had with him.

Anyhow, Hudson form depraved indifference is the reason Cav is here!

Amy said...

wow! I think it's wise and wonderful that they will not be the only little person in a big family. Really wise!

Kim K. said...

Congratulations and continued blessings to your growing family, Jodi!

Sharon said...

SO exciting Jodi...he is precious. Hudson is my favorite but getting way to popular :/!!!! ..... So I would go with something else:) I though I was being sooo unique and now they are popping up everywhere. Hayden was another one of my favs. Congrats!!!

Naomi said...

I have a name.

Never thought of it before, but it has been percolating for a while now.


Hardy is defined as 'capable of enduring hardship'.

Something to consider!

Sharon said...

Just so super excited for you and your new little ones!!!

Diane said...

Love your wonderful news!

How about Howard Scott?

Sharing Life and Love said...

Congratulations! Mr. Personality looks like a Heston Scott.

I like Hayden, too.

Sharon said...

I read your blog post the day we took a train and then bus from Vienna to Venice. You might think I would have nothing to trust God for on THAT kind of a trip, but Jim ran off in the morning to find bread--I was worried about him not making the train. When we switched to the bus they said we had 6 minutes. We would have 3 hours and needed more water so Jim again ran to a nearby shop to get water. I was imagining myself jumping up and yelling, "My husband! My husband!" if the driver started going before he got back. Then I remembered you adopting another child, and possibly one with health problems, and I thought, if they can trust God for this, can't I trust him for Jim making the bus? Well, Jim did make the bus and I prayed for you!


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