Thursday, June 28, 2012

"Praying God shows up"

"Praying God shows up"
is what I read on a friends facebook page the other day.

Someone was leaving a note of 
"encouragement" for a friend who is facing the devastating fire
in Colorado Springs.

I have to tell you -
this comment -
brought me to my knees! 

Do I do that?
When things aren't going as I planned -
am I waiting on God to show up?

I know I'm not in Colorado right now-
and my house is not burning down.
And I am not making light of these fires at all!
But I do know who holds the future!

Circling God's promise...

Matthew 28:20b
"And surely I am with you always,
to the very end of the age."

Family Update:
My kids are back in the Springs.
Camp took a volunteer evacuation yesterday as parts of the nearby town
were being evacuated. 
This was a good decision - as they were able to evacuate all the kids
calmly and orderly. 
The kids were only upset that they had to leave camp early!
(Ohhh, I remember those days as a camper!)
All the campers are home safely with their families.
From reports I don't believe all the kids had a house to return too,
but they have their families! 
Officially, the camp is on a pre-evacuation status -
so early evacuation was a good thing! 

Praying for the rest of the camp summer season -
day by day,
week by week!

Please keep Colorado in your prayers! 


quilt'n-mama said...

I have thought of your kids often for the last few days and been praying for them and many of our friends in the Springs and the area as well. Glad your kids are doing ok.

Yvette said...

I think it might be harder for you all - but God is most definitely here. All we hear on the news YES the news is to PRAY. The mayor, the newscasters. So many interviews and the evacuees have said it is in God's hands now. I originally was shocked each time I heard it and then I began to smile. What a testament to those non-believers. People are sleeping with their tv on because now one knows who is next. Even in their sleep they are hearing HIS name. They saw images of 20,000 people emerge from the closest thing I hope to ever see resembling hell AND not one single life was lost.

This also a great community. We emptied our cupboards yesterday because we might as well share rather than be lose it to a fire. When we went to the donation site there were 100 cars bringing donations AT that single time. donations like this 12 hours a day, and the volunteer lists fill up within 5 minutes. The shelters are NOT full - because friends have opened up their homes and hearts.

God my friends, is most certainly here!


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