Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Great News on our little guy!

We haven't really gotten an official update on our sweet Griggs -
but we did find out some wonderful information.

Before we found Griggs and began working to bring him home,
I really asked the Lord if we are to adopt -
could HE help me.  

Help me as we wait -
give me peace that if we are to adopt again
that our little guy/gal would be in a "good" orphanage or foster home.
("good" is relative - it's still an orphanage or foster home -
no child should have to live in an institution -
but that's another soapbox blog post.)

Anyway, I really thought I needed the peace of knowing that 
my child is being taken care of while we wait.

And guess what?
God is sooooo good!
I know this should be NO surprise!

I was confused about some things in Griggs' paperwork - 
so a new friend on our yahoo group -
set my mind and heart at peace!

Looks as if our sweetie is being taken care of by 
Yes, the floor he is on in the orphanage is managed by ShowHope!
This just makes me giggle!

It gets better -
ShowHope has one ayi (or nanny) for 3 babies!
That is amazing! 

And just makes this momma feel so much better!

Right now we are waiting on our background checks from the states we 
have lived in- 
this should be all that is needed for our Home Study -
and then we will begin more paperwork. 

And we can begin requesting grants and such -
with every pen mark on these papers it brings our son one step closer to being home.

I am just giddy to see how God will bring him home!


Dardi said...

I love when God shows off! One thing I have learned & marveled at is how He is in ALL the details!!

Lisa said...

Love this Jodi!!1 I am so excited for you...By the way I LOVE the name you have chosen. What a treasure this little man is.

Shonni said...

I am so happy for you!. Congratulations.
love and miss ya’ll.

Kim K. said...

I'm so very very happy for you. What a huge relief and wonderful blessing.

Jennifer said...

YAY!! That is GREAT news!!! I know that will make this wait just a little more bearable!

Sharon said...

That is SO cool!!! Love this!


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