Saturday, May 12, 2012

On stage!

I know that I'ves said this a million times, 
but I am just so proud of my kids!

I am amazed at our four little kiddos.
To think a short time ago they were the 
"least of these and now -
they are forever siblings.

Siblings who tease each other,
siblings who encourage each other,
siblings who tattle on each other,
siblings who teach each other and 
siblings who learn from each other.

To see Donovan now -
and remember the boy he was 8 months ago -
home for 7 weeks and entering 
a brand new kindergarten class,
with all new faces,
a new language,
new sounds,
new smells,
new rules.

His English was very raw, 
and he wouldn't speak to anyone, besides family.
Making eye contact, especially with adults,
was the most terrifying thing!

Yesterday I went to school to 
see three of the four in a program.
Through teary eyes I watched them all perform,
singing and dancing.
Jailyn and Jorja were in their element! 

Donovan he doesn't like to be the center of attention
(except for Mom and Dad's attention).

I was amazed as he sang and danced with confidence.

I am amazed at what this child has been through -
yet, he doesn't allow the suffering that he has seen 
and experienced define him. 

He has taught me to be patient,
to be thankful,
to chill -
and have fun! 
Don't take life too seriously-
enjoy every moment 
tell those around you 
how much I care about them.

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