Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Care Package... HELP!

Okay, sweet friends,
 I need your help! 

We have been okay'd to send our sweet boy 
a care package for a while now,
but we haven't -
and it's killing me! 

But, I don't know what to do!

Here is my dilemma:

1.) We sent Jorja a care package as soon as we could,
which in hindsight was way to early.
She held on to our photos for many long months -
and though I'm sure it gave her a little hope,
it also hindered her trust in us - 
thinking we would never come to rescue her. 
(We didn't send Jailyn a package,
we didn't have he option to send the boys 
a care package -
 it wasn't allowed.)

2.)  What does it do to the other kids who don't receive 
a special care package?
I know that I can send some little candies or toys for the
other kids - 
but I hate that any of these precious kids 
feel sad and feel left out. 

OHHHHHH what to do!

I want to send him something so bad -

We still have months before we will be LID
(Log In Date - 
which means all of our paperwork is in China -
waiting for the next step)

I'm feeling that it is my selfishness that wants 
to send something. 
What do y'all think?

Please help!


Yvette said...

After our experience with Cav this past weekend (he brought his daddy the pic from his cake party we sent in Nov) to show us he KNEW what a birthday meant - I say send a cake - either for the next holiday (there is a childrens day coming up) or his 1/2 year bday depending on when that is. That way his "group" will get a special out of the ordinary treat.

Also none of Cav's toys were even opened LOL!

As for the controversy of sending care packages or gifts, I think the greater good of getting ANY item into the orphanage AND the hope of a SN adoption (even for the other children).

We will wait to send ours until LOA again as the timing seemed perfect, they knew us from their books but it wasn't a crazy amount of time. Also both children experienced changes at this time. Cav's hired a caretaker to get him up to par LOL and Fei was returned to the orphanage (although temporary because she caused such a ruckus!

Kim K. said...

None of Josie's toys, outfits or her photo album were opened in her care package. They were in a bag when she was brought to our hotel room. We did send other things to the orphanage for the children and our guide told us that most orphanages don't allow the children to play with toys. Frustrating because your heart is in the right place. I loved getting her updated pictures from Ann's Red Thread service. It helped with such a long wait.



Sarah said...

Well, we sent a care package to Molly Kate because I just couldn't bring myself to not do it. I'm not sure if it was the right or wrong thing to do. I sent the package about a month before we were DTC. If you're worried about him waiting and waiting on you, maybe you could just send candies or a cake like Yvette said and then send a picture and some other things closer to when you'll actually travel? I don't think there are any right answers here - like most of parenting. Just follow your heart!

quilt'n-mama said...

I made a small snuggly photo blanket for each of our kiddos. I put their referral picture (or the newest picture I had of them), then a picture of my hubby & I and then pictures of the kids on it. I added taggies around the edges.
Then we ordered a cake that all the kids could share to send for our last 2 kiddos.


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