Thursday, May 3, 2012

Beautiful Necklace Fundraiser!

Look what we have!

Aren't they just beautiful? 

I just love these necklaces! 

I love them so much I bought them 
for Christmas presents this past year -
for family,
and teachers!

I bought them from this beautiful family -

We met them in Ethiopia over a year ago 
they were adopting their little guy Jacob -
waiting their Embassy appointment 
when we were there for our Court appointment.

We were so blessed to meet
this amazing couple!
Who have hearts overflowing for the Lord!

When we announced our journey to "Gus",
they were in Ethiopia again! 
Yes, less then a year later they were in Ethiopia
waiting their Embassy appointment for their 
two sons, Isaiah and Kaleb!

Tara messaged me and asked if she could get me some 
beautiful "Magazine Bead" Necklaces for us 
to help us fundraise to bring "Gus" home.
I thought, Tara you have your hands full!
But, she still took the time to help us 
and to help our sweet son get home!

We have $55 necklaces to sell -
straight from Ethiopia!

Each necklace is one long strand
which you can wrapped once, twice or three times- 
for different looks.

Each bead is hand-rolled from recycled magazine paper
by women in Africa. 
They are coated with a clear finish,
so they are water resistant
(though NOT water-proof).

We are asking for a $15 donation per necklace
(includes shipping).

You can donate on our paypal account
and in the comments let us know how many necklaces 
you would like. 
I will connect with you if there is a specific hue of colors 
you would like,
as you can see - they are mostly multi-colored beds.

Thank you for your help!!!

1 comment:

Brad and Tara said...

So glad we were able to help in a very small way!! We are so blessed to have met you!! Praying Gus home :)


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