Wednesday, April 18, 2012

God is greater then...

I loved your answers to this sentence!

Amen and Amen!

"Anything and everything"
from Pam

"Then the boogie man"
from Melissa

"All my fears and all my dreams"
from Amy

"My ways and my thoughts"
from Cari

and I know another friend, Z's mom,
would say -
HE is greater then the US Embassy in Ethiopia -
cause you know what Z is coming HOME! 


and you know what he is greater then?

HE is greater then raising $30,000
to bring our son home!!!!!

Ohhhh yes HE is!
Did you see our fundraising thermometer on the side bar?
We're already more then 500 friends!
Only God!!!


When we first spoke to our agency about moving forward 
with this adoption -
they wondered where and when our funds would come
through -
we told them -
"When God provides!"

and guess what -
we haven't missed a payment,
haven't been late for a payment,
haven't even worried about a payment!

Thank you to all of you who are saying "yes" to God 
to help us bring our sweet boy home!

Some days I just can't pull myself away from his precious face -
but today I have to clean out closets to make room 
for him! 
I love cleaning closets when it's to bring home
another one of God's children!


Kim K. said...

Such a precious sweet little face. Continued blessings to your ever-growing family. God is good.

Naomi said...

Jodi, Is this 'Z' the same one that you and Jay met and were so concerned for? Has he got a home waiting for him??

Jodi said...

yes, Naomi!!!! Z is the same Z that brought Jay, Bryan and I to our knees! He is coming home to Colorado Springs! Can't wait to see him this summer! I got to meet his momma this past march! We are just beyond excited for him to finally come home!!!!! He has waited soooooo long!!!!

Naomi said...


Not only does he have a family, but in CO SPG of all places!

Is the family someone you and/or Jay knew previosuly?

What a gift!

Kelley said...

Jodi - I got your call this morning and I will try and call you back this evening!

But yes, God is bigger than I could have imagined. He brought it, for sure.

I was done yesterday. I had reached my breaking point and was SO angry at Him for making my sweet Zebdi wait. I just knew there was no way the Embassy would consider my request and that we would ALL be waiting weeks longer.

But I was so covered in prayer and God just brought it. Brought it big. I'm so grateful.

Monday morning in Addis, I'm going straight from the airport to the Care Center to get my son!


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