Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A day at the beach...

Yes, truly a day at the beach!

With great friends!

I just love watching these boys get together again!
(friends from Ethiopia)

We had such a nice day!

Donovan has been asking to go to the beach -
well, at least, since he was able to check -
ride a bike,
roller blade,
eat snow,
and snow ski 
off his list of 
To Do's!
I love when his dreams come true!

We all had a relaxing, 


beautiful day!

And though Elijah has taken 
a numerous amount of baths since 
our day at the beach...
we are still finding sand


Kim K. said...

What lovely pics. It's a chilly 30 degrees today. I'm envious of your warm sand.

Kathy said...

We love the beach!!
I love the picture of Donovan!


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