Saturday, April 14, 2012

Around the Table Book review

I was excited when an ole' friend
contacted me to tell me that she had written a book!

I was nervous when she told me the title 

Inspiring families to connect at mealtimes.

You see, 
we have a crazy family schedule -
and if we have 3/4 of our family at our dinner table,
I am happy. 

shoot - 
I'm happy if 1/2 of the family is home at 
dinner time. 

I was afraid this book would make me feel guilty
for not making every dinner a priority,
that it would tell me that I'm a bad mom
for not making every family member be home 
at 6pm for dinner. 

I put off reading the book.
I brought it along on our road trip and ya know what...

 I wasn't discouraged at all!
rather I was encouraged! 

Sharon has a way of sharing her experiences and fun family stories
that they shared at the dinner table
in an encouraging way!

Sharon suggests different topics to encourage conversation
at the dinner table,
though we don't usually have a problem with that.
We have even noticed,
that there must be something comforting about the dinner table
(especially to our little ones)
because deep conversations come up often!

I wish we had more evenings that our entire family was home 
for dinner and not eating buffet style -
I am thankful for whom ever is home,
sharing memories. 
And I'm thankful for the precious times when we are 
all home! 

Even if it does mean Dad and Mom don't get a seat at the table!

(oh brother..., there is those chins again!)

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