Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Positively Positive!

Kenzie hasn't gotten much face time on the blog lately,
so today is her day! 

At the beginning of the soccer season,
Kenzie was voted Captain
by her teammates,
and she did a great job!

Last year there was lots of "girlie drama",
this year - none! 
Attitude comes from the top -
and Coach was very thankful for 
Kenzie's positive influence,
and hard working attitude!

She injured her back in a club soccer tournament over Thanksgiving
and played all season with a back brace 
but played through the pain.
(and lots of chiropractor and 
physical therapy appointments)

She was willing to play where ever she was needed!
Even playing center-D,
when she has played right Forward for years!
And though she didn't think she had the 
stamina' needed...
she pushed through and played the entire game
of every game
with enthusiasm, grace
and skill.

Though 11 players are needed for this game,
they never played with more then 10 players,
and many games they only had 8 players.

She, and the rest of the team,
gave their ALL!

And after plays like this -
and playing 
3 women down -
they were all limping off the field.
But they were still smiling
and encouraging one another!

It does help when you have 
cheering squads!

This Friday she will be playing with the Varsity team
in the State Play-offs!

 We're not sure how much field time she will get -
but I know that her positive attitude 
will be encouraging to all of her teammates!

Keep up the good work Kenz!
We are sooo proud of you!!!!


Jay said...

Go Kenz! Makes me smile just to see pics of you. So proud of who you are.

Yvette said...

What an awesome big sister!!

Kim K. said...

I totally understand the equal face time thing. Emma is in soccer this year too. Awesome job, Kenzie! Those are fabulous action shots!!


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