Friday, March 9, 2012

learning curve

I admit,
when God lead us to adoption years ago,
we really didn't have the 
knowledge and education 
to really understand where our daughter was coming from.
We had read all the books,
we had gone to training,
we had talked to other parents...
and said,
"that's so sad for them, our child wont be like that"

We knew she had been abandoned,
she had been neglected,
she had been malnourished,
she experienced trauma.
But Jailyn was a sweet baby who wanted to be held,
wanted to be loved,
made eye contact.
All was good.

our eyes were opened to the horror our children 
have been through as we welcomed 
our "older" children into our family.
(not that a baby can't know trauma either -
we just didn't experience it with Jailyn as a baby)

A friend shared this video on fb today 
and I'd like to share it with y'all too.

There are days that are hard.
Days that I just want to get them all in the car 
and buckle them up -
and D.R.I.V.E.
(car rides seem to sooth my kids and me)

But, days that are hard -
are days that also give us opportunity to 
bond closer,
hug each other tighter,
share experiences,
express feelings and emotions,
love more deeply!

Days can be hard -
but ohhh sooooo worth it! 
I'd totally do it again...
oh, wait - 
we are doing it again!

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