Friday, March 30, 2012

Black and White... NOT... just friends!

Donovan has a best buddy at school,
they get along so well.
From day one
 almost every story from school includes Tate.

I want to share with you some of their recent conversations,
and to set the tone -
Tate's skin color is white.


Donovan told me that someone else at school
gets him confused with Tate.
I asked him why he thought this person got them 
Donovan said,
"I don't know... 
Tate has a fauxhawk 
and I don't."

I just love that the hairstyle is the main difference Donovan 
sees between him and his buddy.


When I shared this with Tate's mom,
she told me that Tate told her a few weeks ago,
he and Donovan were laying in the sun at recess,
trying to get a tan. 
Tate's mom said,
"Why is Donovan trying to get a tan?
He already has brown skin."

Tate responded,
"He does?"

Just beautiful! 
We adults can learn a lot from these
best buddies!


Sherri said...

beautiful, just beautiful...and YES adults should learn from children! I get so sick of hearing people talk about race!

Sharon said...

Love it!

When I was in Jr. High we had an African-American in our girls' club at church. One day our mothers were talking and they found out that not one of us had mentioned her race when we talked about her at home. I wasn't like Tate. I noticed. I just didn't think it was something worth commenting on.

Amy said...

That is the most encouraging story I've heard in a while! Especially Tate questioning Donovan's skin color! LOVE it!! Thank you so much for sharing it!

Anna said...

I just found your blog and this post motivates me to write you and say: WONDERFUL! What a wonderful story to share. THANK YOU.

Sharon said...

I love kids-this is beautiful!

Kim K. said...

Such a sweet post. Adults can definitely learn a lot from children.

Jennifer said...

Cute story! I love the innocence of kids! Adults could learn a lot from them.


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