Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leaping for joy!

I tell you -
nothing makes me more happy then 
when a family 
finds their child/ren!

And this week has been very emotional!
 Remember Z in Ethiopia?
He met his parents this past week,
they passed court 
and have returned to the US,
waiting and praying their Embassy appointment
comes quickly and they can
return to their son,
and bring him home!
Ohhhh - what a roller coaster ride this has
been for ALL of them -
but soon they will be safe in each others arms
Ohhh this is just a beautiful photo!
And then,
What a handsome guy!
His family found him this week!
He will age out of the China system in August!
His family needs to get all their
paperwork together 
and travel by his 14th birthday 
in order to adopt him. 
Please add these 2 beautiful families to your prayer lists! 
if you didn't notice -
we added a pay pal account for our 
fund raising for our sweet Gus! 
(friends have requested the pay pal as it does make it 
easier on everyone)
Thank you for keeping us and Gus in your prayers too!  

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