Monday, February 27, 2012

Garage Sale FUN!

Preparations for the garage sale are not so much fun!

ya know' 
we had a good time during the sale.

(Elijah's job was to work the "cute factor"!)
The entire family helped!

 (Conner's main job was to keep Elijah away from 
the traffic - and keep from mom having a heart attack!)

Jailyn must have been taking business classes
from her big brother, Brady,
because she and Jorja brought in $50 
on their cookie and gatorade stand!  

(serious saleswoman!)
The sale itself brought in 
$650 :)

(eyeing those yummy cookies! -
they loved the people who "paid" for cookies and said,
"you can eat my cookies"!)
We have a few larger items that people are 
supposed to come pay and pick up this week -
which will help bring our total up
about to $700 :)

Thank you to everyone who donated items 
and who came to shop
and who prayed for shoppers!

God brought LOTS of shoppers!

If all works well this week - 
we will receive the "last" of our "first" 
set of paperwork needed - 
and that will be off to China!
(we begin the BIG stuff today!)

For our first agency payment, 
we are short 20 "friends" or $200
but we know God will provide!

1 comment:

Kim K. said...

I haven't forgotten and promise to get something in the mail. Continued blessings to your growing family!


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