Friday, February 3, 2012


and only 7 more days 
before his file has to go back to China!

and here are some new photos of 
Sweet Gus!!!

Those sad eyes are piercing!
Those sweet lips and cheeks were made for kissing and squeezing!

The Dr I spoke to about Gus,
was concerned about his spine -
 but from this photo 
he is definitely sitting up by himself!
And Lifeline has new videos of him walking while holding his foster parents hands.

He is able to feed himself finger food
and understand instruction.
He can say several words and imitates people's talking!
His foster mother says that he i s
"a very mentally well child".

Ohhh sweet Gus!!!
We gotta find your family!!!

1 comment:

Brooke said...

Oh my gracious- the way this all worked out is just about too much for me!! Crazy to think you were advocating for this ADORABLE little fella, when all along, he was yours already!!! Eeek! LOVE the mysterious way God works in our lives!! xoxo Brooke


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