Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Africa: Land of Many Colors

Every year the first graders in our school
study and have an African program.

This year, Jorja was in it!
(apologies for not posting these last week -
but I was at the incredible ETC conference!)

And LOVED it!

This was her first school program,
as we home schooled last year.

The boys were excited to,
though when Donovan say the huts -
his body language showed he was nervous.
(though he goes to the same school -
so he is comfortable at school,
mixed emotions).

Anywhoooo - back to Jorja!

She and the rest of her class did a great job!

One of our 1st grade teachers was a missionary in Africa
and they had to come home due to a medical emergency.

Though she was sooo sad to leave Africa,
she is so glad to be sharing Africa with these precious kiddos!

(Jorja is such a peanut - we couldn't find her)

(Oh, there she is peeking through)

What a beautiful little girl!
And so proud!

We then got to go home for her birthday cake! 

Our Cupcake!

First school program, 
on her 8th birthday,
and mom was leaving town for a few days...
can you say -

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