Tuesday, January 17, 2012

One less!

I just love when I can post this information
remember this little guy, Ben?

Ohhh sooo cute!

Well, I just heard that his family 
found him and they are traveling 
soon to bring him home!

This never gets old!
I just loving watching God place the lonely in families!
Infact, all the kiddo's whose photos
were on our refrigerator -
they all have been adopted or their parents
are working to get them home!

Goosebumps I tell you!!!

Time to make a new poster for my refrigerator with
more photos of God's precious kids!


Kathy said...

Praising Jesus!!!!!
I am so happy that little sweetie has
a family!! Thanks for sharing!

Kelly said...

Hello. I found your blog from the sidebar of Bigger dirt (Melissa) and had to see your blog from your post title. I love this!! How awesome that another family has been found! By the way--my kids all got your bracelets in their stockings (think I bought from a different blog). Your family is gorgeous!


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