Friday, December 23, 2011

"It's not about the presents"

While asking a few of my children to 
get away from their 
self appointed job of re-arranging 
Christmas presents that are under our tree -

I hear Jailyn 
yell out -
"It's not about the presents"

Donovan was working with Jailyn at the table 
on their craft project.

He yelled out -

"Yea, it's not about the presents!
It's about JESUS!"

Ohhh yes my baby!
So thankful that will all he is learning
and re-learning 
That God has made himself known!

(and thank you to our babies Sunday School teachers 
Mrs. April and Mr. Mark for putting together 
the Happy Birthday Jesus celebration last week -
this is a great idea and really helps kids understand!) 


Kim K. said...

Have a blessed Christmas with your special treasures.

Mom Of Many said...

What an adorable family! Thank you for linking and 'inviting' me in! Merry Christmas! xo


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