Friday, December 9, 2011

Growing Together

A few weeks ago at church we hit a milestone
with our little guy!

You see, our church serves donuts -
and well, yes, as soon as we arrive -
all the littles as how many donut holes they can have.

The answer is always 3.

This Sunday was no different -
we entered the building and all 4 ran off for donuts,
the only difference,
was that Dad and I stopped to talk to a friend
who's wife has just been diagnosed with breast cancer.

As we were talking to him,
out of the corner of my eye I saw my little guy...

he had come back -

he had his cup of donuts,

but he was coming back to find me. 

To check on me.

To make sure I hadn't left him.

This is H.U.G.E. in the world of bonding and attachment!

Elijah is doing well with the transition but this is the first time
that he has actually sought me out.
He finds me at home -
but in a public setting -
he has always found security in his brother.

Weeks later and I am still teary eye'd over this!

I am so thankful that I am more to him then 
a cook, maid,
and the person who makes him pick up his toys.

I am his mommy and he is beginning 
to believe it. 


Kim K. said...

What a joyous milestone.

Sharon said...

That IS huge. Yay!!!

Kim said...


Lisa said...

That is AWESOME Jodi!!!!! So happy for you Momma!!

Hannah said...

What an Awesome Milestone! So happy to have stumbled onto your blog! I am really looking forward to reading more about you and your family! Hope today is a great day for you all!


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