Wednesday, December 14, 2011

6 month post adoption

I can't believe today is our 6 month post adoption visit 
with our Social Worker.

In a few weeks we will celebrate Donovan and Elijah
being home  for 6 months!


Our family has experienced so much in the last 6 months.

The excitement.

We played together, 
we learned together, 
we were silly together,
we laughed together,
we tickled each other,
we held each other.

The pressure.

We tested our boundaries together,
we learned limits together,
we cried together,
we screamed together,
we pouted together,
we prayed together,
we held one another.

The stress.

we grieved together,
we were sad together,
we cried together,
we prayed together,
we held each other.

The growth.

We are growing together,
we are understanding each other,
we still cry together,
we are still silly together,
we love to tickle each other,
 we pray together 
and we hold each other!

We are incredibly thankful for these two little boys 
who have changed our lives!

Thanks be to God, who brought them home 
to us!

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Kim K. said...

Happy 6 months! It doesn't seem possible!


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