Thursday, November 24, 2011

I just cry...

when I think of the life my babies would be living 

if God had not spoken to us -

and we had not followed his lead

to bring them home.

One child of ours has a horrible history -
one that makes my stomach turn,
just thinking about it.

And to have heard the story from my child,
see the hurt in their eyes,
feel their body shake 
as stories have been shared.

I can't imagine what would be of this child,
if God had not 
brought us together.

And today, 
I am completely grateful to have my family home 
under one roof,
eating turkey, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and
chocolate cake...
(to my dismay, my family doesn't like pumpkin pie)

 I am thankful for the giggles in the house,
the sibling rivalry that will be part of our day...
I miss my mommy and brothers today -
(hi y'all!)

 and I cry today -
I cry for my friends that I met in Ethiopia,
especially Z!

I cry for families who have been waiting and waiting 
to be united with their children.

I cry for children who may never know what 
it truly means to be part of a family.

I cry for our military families who are separated from each other.
Ohhh they sacrifice so much!

I cry with thanksgiving that Christ died on the cross for my 
so that I can be called His adopted daughter.


hollysue said...

A simple post, a simple message, but so powerful. Thank you!

Jay said...

Thanks for making the crying thing contagious, Sis! We miss you too.

connie said...

Beautiful post, sweet sister! Thankful for your beautiful heart, your faithfulness and God's amazing plans!

Martha said...

Sweet Post...Happy Thanksgiving to y'all!

Jennifer said...

Great post! Simple and to the point! I'm so happy your kiddos were all with you this year too...what a blessing!


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