Thursday, November 3, 2011

He could go... all... the... way!

Our first season of football for Conner 
came to an end this Monday evening.

He had a great season playing for his school team.

Going into the sport -
Conner wasn't sure where he would play,
or how much field time he would see

but, a few games in -
he was playing both offense, defense and special teams.

He received MVP for 
offense and special teams 
through out the season.
(we are the Cowboys)

Needless to say -
he had a great experience!

And we had a great time 
going to the games!

Since the last game was on Halloween
and the littles missed 
trick or treating -
Kenzie painted their faces for them!
Our cuddly puppy!

Cutest skeleton!

Scary Lion!

and our 
Zainy Zebra!

(note to self - take photos before snack time!)


Kim K. said...

Congratulations to Conner and a great season. How cute do your kiddos look in their face paint!!

Jay said...

Great season, Mr. MVP! So glad we got to enjoy one of your games!


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