Thursday, October 27, 2011

Shopping with a purpose!

If you dread Christmas shopping as much as I do,
though I like to have the majority of my shopping done by
Halloween :)
5 more day!

I'd love to help y'all out with some great ideas,
and you also would be able help some adoptive families 
raise funds to bring their babies home.

Cool Hats!
I love mine!

Jorja and Jailyn are gonna love theirs!

Can't wait to share these!

and well,
yes! I love these too!  
The t-shirt is very comfortable!

(Who wouldn't like some Ethiopian coffee!
It's the best!)

and of course our fun bracelets! 

And if you can wait til November 1st!
Our Silent Auction begins for
our three precious boys in Ethiopia!
Check out the blog,
 for this upcoming event!
(Nov 1-15th)

Love it!
Share the love and 
Enjoy shopping!

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