Sunday, October 30, 2011

Older child adoption

I've been asked to do a blog post for 
a wonderful blog that in a few days 
will be holding an online silent auction 
inorder to raise grant funds for three very special boys 
in Ethiopia.

"Older Child" in the international adoption world 
includes kids 3 yrs and older.
So today,
I thought I would highlight my son Donovan.

We went into our Ethiopian adoption and paperwork thinking we were going to adopt
a child or two under 3.
But, then...
we saw this photo.

And our life was changed!

Honestly, we were scared of this little face.
We worried about the hurt that he had endured,

 Would he accept us as his parents?
Would he accept our other kids as his siblings?
Would we be able to help him through this hurt? 

When other parents returned from Ethiopia,
from visiting their children,
we were continually told how quiet and shy he was.
He would keep his distance, in the corner with his soccer ball.

When we arrived in April for our Ethiopian court date,
and to meet our boys.
Donovan kept a wall up with us
he was still quiet and at times would be distant.

But, when we traveled again in June to bring him home,
he was a different child,
he was more then ready to leave with us.
He opened up more and more.

A week later when we got home -
he was ready to be part of his new family.
He has a sweet heart and is funny, funny, funny!

He loves to learn,

He loves being a brother and teasing his sisters,

He loves playing with them 
and playing with his big brothers and sister!

He loves having a mommy and daddy
and reminds us every day how truly blessed we are.

We can't imagine life without him.

Ni Hao Yall


Livin' out loud said...

Love this post! How could you not fall for such a sweet face? You were doomed from the start lol!!

Charisa said...

love it! What a sweet boy!!

Kim K. said...

Beautiful post and beautiful boy.

Nancy said...

What a beautiful child!!!! What a beautiful family! What blessings.

Life with Kaishon said...

He might be the most beautiful child I have ever seen! I LOVE this post. Thank you for seeing the picture and adopting your sweet baby. What a very beautiful family you have!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post and a beautiful boy!


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