Thursday, September 15, 2011

A new kind of FUTBOL!

Our family is usually found hangin' out watching 
kids play FUTBOL,
but for this season we are attending 
Conner's first season of FOOTBALL games.

I know my son,

and I'm just sayin'...

I'm kinda glad that his major roll on the team...

is kicker and punter.

he's pretty good at it!

It's not because I'm afraid he can get hurt if he is in the mix of this-

I mean, hey, he's already suffered from a 
few concussions on the futbol field.

I fear for the other players -
you see, he likes to "truck" people!

Can't you just hear him grrrroooowling at the player coming at him,
Just daring him to come any closer!
They took that guy down!
All in the love of football, of course.



Kim K. said...

Awesome action pics! Enjoy that futbol!!

Jay said...

Hey CJ! You lok good out there. So excited to come see you play!

Sharon said...

Dont' know if you checked back, but for sure you can share that.


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