Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Craft Fair was fun,
we were able to meet many people who have hearts for the orphan.
Some had adopted, 
some were in the process of adoption,
and some wanted to hear more about the orphan.

And ohhhh how I love to speak for the orphan!

I love to show their precious faces 
and tell some of their incredible stories. 

Since our bracelets are inexpensive and "cute",
we had a lot of interest from teens and preteens. 
But, one little girl kept coming by 
with more and more questions. 

"Why are there orphans?"

"Where do they live?"

"What do they do in an orphanage?"

Wonderful questions and I was glad to chat with her!

The one question that she asked,
I was surprised that such a young girl would think of,
it brought tears to my eyes.

"What happens if these three boys don't get adopted?"

The truth is...
These boys will be left to the streets,
no family to rely on,
they will probably be beggars
or trafficked. 

I pray that through this one evening at a craft fair,
that this sweet little girl understands the urgency of the orphan,
and maybe one day she too will search God and His will for her 
life and what He asks of her regarding the orphan. 

1 comment:

Kim K. said...

Sounds like your craft show was a success. Good for you. Good for the orphans!


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