Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sibling Friendships

I am amazed at what transpired this summer!

Our big, little guy is amazing!

And every day he lets us see a bit more of his 
little self!

The other day at the pool,
I had the best time watching Donovan try to teach
Jorja and Jailyn how to cup water in their hands...

and shoot!
(he's such a boy!)

Jorja and Jailyn were good students,
listening well,

Donovan was a very patient teacher.

Though the funniest part was at the end of each instruction,
he's say. "Like this!"
and he'd show Jorja how it worked. 

Thankfully she took it in stride!

Boys sure love to tease!

1 comment:

Kim K. said...

I'm so glad you've had a pool to visit with your beastly heat this summer. Your kiddos have made wonderful memories in it.


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