Monday, August 29, 2011

Out of the mouths of babes!

As Jorja and I sat snuggling on the couch,
for a quiet moment.

Jorja announced,
"We need to bring a kid home from China." 

I was shocked,

isn't our house crowded enough?"

she replied,

that doesn't matter!
 there might be baby crying for their mommy."

All the hurt our sweetie endured,
for almost five years she spent crying herself to sleep in her crib,

she is willing to share her mommy and daddy,
her toys,
her bed,
and precious cuddle time,

so that someone else wont sit crying for their mommy.


Melissa said...

That sounded like a prophetic word to me. Bring another one home mom. There is already mass chaos, one more will be wonderful! Such a sweet baby girl!

Kat said...

That is just about the sweetest thing. My mamma heart would be full.

Alyson said...

What a sweet little girl with a huge heart!!

Kim K. said...

Awwww....such a sweet daughter. Such a HUGE heart.

Kristi said...

so sweet!

Sherri said...

so very sweet!

Valerie said...

That proves it;

She IS her mother's daughter!

I need you to come influence my daughter, who wants to send her brother to another family; somehow the message is skewed on this end.

I miss you lady friend.

Kelley said...

Such a beautiful heart. Lucky mom!

Sharon said...

That is beautiful.

Kim said...


Jennifer said...

What a SWEET girl! You should be so proud..:)


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