Monday, June 6, 2011

Saying 'good-bye'

Our eldest left  today for 5 weeks.
(sniff! sniff!)

I miss him so much already,
but I am so excited for his summer adventure.

He will be flying to Colorado where he will be volunteering at 
a christian camp.

I grew up at this camp,
spent many summers as a camper and on summer staff.
My brother, Jay, served at this camp for many years!

Last year Brady was blessed to be able to 
register to spend a few weeks 
at camp as a Junior Counselor.  
Not knowing how much he would enjoy it, 
he only wanted to work a few weeks -
well, after his first week, 
he called to see if he could stay longer.

All year he continued to talk about going back to camp.
So he is going back!

We're very excited for him,
and can't wait to hear all his stories and
see what God has in store for  him!

Some of his friends have reassured me that 
they will come by the house, 
to be loud, crazy and eat all our food
entertain me while he's gone.  
Awww!  These kids are so good to me. 

(and yes, his last weekend home he did what he loves to do-
play soccer!!!
The boys had a great tournament - even in 100 degree weather!)


Kim K. said...

Five weeks is a long time. I'm sure he will be missed greatly by all your family. Imagine the memories he'll be making.

Shonni said...

Such a long time!!! I know you miss him and yet are also proud of him and what he is doing!!!

Catching Butterflies 3 said...

My daughter Nicole will be working 3 weeks at Christian camp. I'm blessed she wants to do this. We are both blessed to have kids that love God. We are praying for my boys to know God too. Maybe one day? You can be so proud!


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