Monday, June 13, 2011

Piggy Toes

Yesterday at church I had a hard time.
First of all, our pastor's sermon was really good -
and really hit me hard.
Thank goodness I had tissues.
Hopefully, we can share more later about what his 
sermon was on and why I was in tears.

But first before the sermon, 
my friend sat next to us with her wee, 
infant, baby girl!
Ohhh she is sooo cute!
With her big pink bow,
Soooooooo sweeeeeeet!

And as we settled in - 
I noticed her little piggy toes,
her momma had painted them!
(I wanted to take a picture but thought it would be rude 
and possibly a bit of a distraction. 
Tee!! Hee!)

As I sat there admiring this sweet baby girl -
and me loving her baby toes!

The tears began -
It made me think of these sweet feet!

I can't wait to lather them in lotion.

and tickle each little piggy toe.
They may be not be cute baby toes -
but they are my baby's toes 
and I am in love with both of my boys
sweet piggy toes!


Kelley said...

I just can't wait until your boys are home!

Kim K. said...

I can't imagine the excitement and anticipation. Thinking of you.

La Dolce Vita: The Sweet Life said...

How sweet it will be. Thanks for all of your sweet comments.

Valerie said...

Just catching up, where do you get the time to blog on top of everything else.

So much progrss and love, simply inspiring to witness.

I'm so happy for this next curve in the road you are embarking on.

Love Valerie


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