Monday, May 9, 2011

Ethiopia Day 6: Our last day

I guess I have been putting this off -
it's like I have to say 'good-bye' again.
We had scheduled a driver to come get us early 
so we could go see the boys in the morning,
and then get back to the guest house and pack 
and prepare for our long trek back home.
I was up early, dreading the day.
The guest house had a great patio on the roof top,
I loved having my quiet times there. 
This was the view from the roof top this particular morning.
When we arrived at the Care Center, as usual the van pulled into the compound and kids came running!
But today was a bit different,
Donovan and Elijah were first to us.
Donovan took Bryan's hand and Elijah took mine.

Other kids were trying to get to me but Elijah gently pushed them away with his free hand,
as to say, "This is my mommy."
Donovan had been corrected by Bryan the day before about going through my back pack without permission -
he was not happy at the time,
but when he wanted something today, he brought Bryan to my backpack and pointed.
We were so proud of him and the lesson he learned.

We had t-shirts made up for the boys,
and we had them on too.
They seemed very proud to have these shirts.

A van load of children whose paperwork is being prepared for Embassy left to get their Medical done,
so again, we were able to spend more time then we thought with our boys,
paper airplanes are always a hit!

the kids had had lunch and it was time for nap.
I was able to go in the boys room and scratch their backs for a while.
It was so nice to comfort them,
as they knew we were leaving and wouldn't be back for a while.

It killed us to leave them,
but the hope and sense of belonging that they have in their eyes today compared to the shallow looks they had on Sunday is amazing!
Thank you Jesus!!


Hicks Family said...

With everyday that passes it is one day closer that we get to go to them and bring them home. Praying we are submitted very very soon (this week would be awesome)! Miss and love you friend.....

Kim K. said...

What an amazing set of posts. I loved pouring over the pictures of your journey this last week. I can't imagine how hard it was to leave them. I'm hopeful that your return trip won't be terribly far off. HUGS!!

Heather said...

I love your pictures! Oh, this makes me cry! I am ready to go back!

Kathy said...

Loved reading your posts.
Your pictures are beautiful!
So many of them just melted
my heart. The first one in this post
makes me think of the light of Jesus
just bursting through the clouds letting
you know He will be with your sweet
little boys while you are away. Praying
you hear news soon!


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