Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cake Boss Jr

Conner had an extra credit project -
and since he is shooting for straight A's again - 
he decided to take the opportunity and GO FOT IT!

He had just done an awesome report on The Sperm Whale 
so the Extra Credit is a 3-D replica of a Sperm Whale.

Conner, being Conner was thinking out of the papermache' box!
And he dove right into the cake box!

Our posts this weekend gave you a look at the beginning of his project and here is the rest -

(he even learned how to put the mixer away)
And then came the fondant!
First time working with fondant 
- he liked it!

And even color - spray icing on fondant!

add a fondant squid
some chocolate chip eyes

And here is his finished product!

Way to go Conner!
Good work and I'm glad you are willing to try something new!

and now all the girls think he is sooooo cool!!!
and the cool boys were amazed,
bullies will always be bullies but I'm so proud of being a bigger person then they - 
and shared cake with them.


Kim K. said...

I've been anxiously awaiting this post since you told me about the concept. It's better than I could have ever imagined. Connor you ROCK!

Theresa said...

Looks great! Let 'em eat cake!

Alyson said...

That is awesome!!! What a great (and yummy!) way to earn some extra credit! Go Connor!!

Jay said...

Very cool, CJ. You are so talented!

Sara said...

Oh that's so neat!! He did a great job. Now I want to try something like that with the kids.

Naomi said...

This looks great! Did he come up with the whole thing, or did the teacher give guidelines? It is a wonderful result for hard work and determination. Great qualities for a person to have, and the fact that it starts with 'cake'...is an even bigger bonus!

Tena said...

Woohoo!! Looks awesome!

Jodi said...

Naomi, the only guidelines were that it was to be 3-D.
This was such a fun project for him! Hopefully we will do more cakes together very soon! Actually, Brady and Kenzie want to help next time! Jorja and Jailyn want to eat another one!


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