Sunday, April 17, 2011

Baby steps

Ohhh my baby
has come so far!

she has soared in so many ways!

Two short years she has been home -
but ohhh how has our Jorja grown.

She loves to be cuddled,
and to cuddle.

She loves to help mom with chores.
She loves to play with the kids.

But, she does not enjoy reading and writing
Jorja will be going back to public school in the fall.
We weren't sure what grade we would put her in.
So, we asked our local school to test her so we could place her 
in the best grade for her ability -
and they did a great job.
Jorja knows the school well and many of the staff -
she is very comfortable there and very excited to got to school next year.

Though I was not surprised with the test results were -
it still hurts.
Look at that face...
beautifully created by our awesome God!
It breaks my heart when that sweet, happy face
turns into struggle, loss
and insecurity.

 But I can promise her that she will always
have her family to help her,
to carry her through the struggling times.
To celebrate her many accomplishments.
and to cry with her through the rough times.

Her history is not pretty -
but her future is bright!

How I wish more kids had this hope.


Kim K. said...

Such a precious girl. Beautiful pictures. Her future is indeed bright.

Tena said...

Can't wait to have her at school in the fall!!! (Jailyn, too, of course!)

Debi Jenkins said...



Life with Kaishon said...

These pictures are seriously GORGEOUS! I loved this little post. She is precious! I hope she enjoys going back to school in the fall.

connie said...

She has come so far! And she really is a beautiful little gal! You are truly blessed, mama.

Dee said...

All our love. We know it is SO hard, Evelyn struggles in school also. Its hard, all the things she does not "get" because of where she came from. I know. Here for support as you go through the public schools, we have had a rough first year with it. But, the other kids are still kind at this point. Thankfully.


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